20 TNRPCVS needed for FRAMING on August 28


Phill Robinson was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya.  Before he suddenly passed away in 2009, Phill helped to establish the TNRPCVs.  As Habitat for Humanity’s Marketing Director, Phill also volunteered to build houses for the organization.  His favorite days to work on builds are called ‘framing days”.  As its name refers, this is the process of creating a frame of the house, the basis of any building.  Phill liked these days the most because he knew that it was exciting to see the significant progress by the end of the day. 

Mark your calendars!  Habitat’s framing day this fall is Sunday, August 28. The TNRPCVS need 20 volunteers to commit to this day.

If you are interested and can oblige to most of the day, please click this link and fill out the form  It only takes a  minute!

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