Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Event in Nashville


Mayor Karl Dean will be the guest speaker at a Nashville event to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps.  This event is one of many celebrations that will occur worldwide to mark this historic date.  The local event will also feature a panel of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from the past five decades who will discuss their experiences in the Peace Corps!


 The Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (TNRPCV) is a Tennessee-based non-profit uniting and empowering the Tennessee Peace Corps community through service and support.   On March 5, 2011 TNRPCV will host a symposium celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps.  The event will feature a history of the Peace Corps, along with a panel of former Peace Corps Volunteers discussing their life as a volunteer.  Our Keynote Speaker Mayor Karl Dean will discuss the importance of community service and volunteerism.   Over 50 former Peace Corps Volunteers, now living in Tennessee, are expected at the event.   Overall attendance is estimated at 250.


When:      Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 4:00pm to 6:30pm CST

Where:    Scarritt-Bennett Center, 1008  19th Avenue, Nashville, TN  37212
                Bennett Hall,  Raintree Room

               Click here for Maps and Detailed Directions

Admission:  Free!


Breaking Bread


It is said in Morocco that the finger has taste buds. 

Breaking bread in Morocco is a daily experience.  It happens every meal, at all times of the day, with friends, family and sometimes strangers.  We use it as our utensil.   There’s no need for a fork anymore and slowly it becomes the norm. 

I got hooked on bread and quickly I couldn’t eat anything without it.  So I started buying 50 kg bags of flour once a month and giving it to my neighbor who had an oven to share with me.  They could make as much bread as they wanted for their family as long as they brought me one loaf a day.  Before I knew it, I was eating dinner with them every night for the rest of my service.  Bread was broken.  Bonds were born.  

We’re breaking bread March 1 in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps.  Please bring a dish to share, preferably one from your host country.  I’ll be bringing some yummy Moroccan food.  I think I’ll go with zaalook this time.  You’ll love it.  

Please RSVP to  BYOB. 

Roger Hume’s House
1600B Long Ave.
Nashville, TN  37206

When:  Tuesday March 1, 6:00 – 10:00 PM 

Don’t forget about the Symposium on Sat. March 5.  If you can’t make it from 4:00 – 6:30 pm, we’ll be heading over to the Boundary Bar & Grill for dinner and refreshments immediately afterward.  I hope to see you there. 


Dave Keiser – President
Morocco 98-00

Happy Anniversary!


That’s right!  We’re celebrating our silver anniversary this year with a long slate of events and opportunities to share your experiences and give back to the community.  Peace Corps Week (Feb 28 – March 5) is right around the corner and it’s time to climb up in the attic and dig out that old box of artifacts you call your Peace Corps experience and keep up the Third Goal of sharing your experiences with Americans all over Tennessee.  

Monday, Wednesday & Friday – TNRPCVs will be speaking at area schools across the state.  If you haven’t approached a school, we encourage you to do so.  It’s great fun and the kids love hearing you say funny sounding things.

Tuesday – TNRPCVs will have a booth set up at Volunteer Tennessee’s Conference on Volunteerism and Service-Learning in Nashville at the downtown Sheraton Hotel. 

Tuesday Night – TNRPCVer Roger Hume (Kazakhstan 95-97) will be hosting an official NPCA Global House Party at his house.  Please bring an international dish to share. Starts at 6PM CST. Andrew & Diana Ray will be hosting a party at the same time in Knoxville.  If you would like to host a party or skype into ours, please email

Thursday – TNRPCV Panel Presentation at Tennessee State University.  TSU just started a Masters International Program in agriculture and we’re stopping by to give them some handy advice. 

Saturday – TNRPCV Symposium & Reception at the Scarritt Bennett Center.  Starts at 4PM with a light reception.  Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will be our special guest.  After party celebration location TBA.  And someone is getting an award. 

I hope you can make it especially to our 1st Annual Tennessee Symposium on Peace Corps Volunteer Service where we will celebrate our past service with a panel presentation spanning five decades of service and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean.

The Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (TNRPCV) is a Tennessee-based non-profit social welfare organization uniting and empowering the Tennessee Peace Corps community through service and support.   Over 50 former Peace Corps Volunteers, now living in Tennessee, are expected at the event.   Overall attendance is estimated at 250.

When:  Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 4pm to 6pm CST
Where:  Scarritt-Bennett Center, 1008 19th Avenue, Nashville, TN  37212  Bennett Hall,  Raintree Room
Admission:  Free!
RSVP:  Send an email to with your name and number of attendees

Invited Guests:  Honorable members of the Tennessee Legislature, honorable members of the Mayor’s office, charities and non-profits devoted to community service or international aid, the international community of middle Tennessee, and former and future Peace Corps Volunteers!

TNRPCV is a local organization promoting the 3rd goal of Peace Corps:  to help Americans understand the people and cultures of other countries.   Our activities include local charitable events, speaking engagements at schools, and a resource for people interested in joining the Peace Corps.  More information can be found at  or


Dave Keiser – President
Morocco 98-00

50th Anniversary Celebration, March 5, 2011

We need pics of you as a PCV for March 5th Event!

Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (TNRPCV) are hosting an
event to celebrate Peace Corps’s 50th Anniversary during Peace Corps
week in March. As part of this event, we would like to put together a
slideshow of pictures of TNRPCVs from their time of service. Please
send a picture from your service so that it can be part of the slideshow.

Send pics to Casey Woodling,

Save the date! 

PC 50th Anniversary

March  5th, Scarritt Bennet Center, Nashville

TN RPCVs will host a 2-hour event with an introduction from our President, Dave Keiser, followed by keynote speaker, Mayor Karl Dean and panelists representing PC from the 1960s to present.  Refreshments will be served!

Stay tuned for details to be announced!