Closed: Nominations for Phill Robinson Continuing Community Service Award

Thank you for your submissions for the 2014 Phill Robinson Continuing Community Service Award that will be given at the Peace Corps Connect Conference being held in Nashville on June 20-21, 2014.

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The TNRPCVs were established in 2008 by a group of RPCVs in Nashville, TN.  One of the core founders of the group was Mr. Phill Robinson.   In 2000, Phill fulfilled his youthful dream of joining the Peace Corps and served in Kenya.  During his two years there, he played an instrumental role in educational programs and in the construction of a small church where previously there had been only a tiny tree and two small benches.  Everyone who knew Phill knew how his service in Kenya had inspired him… Peace Corps became core to Phill’s beliefs, character and spirit, and he continued to be a person who dedicated his career to helping others.  An ideal job for his loving spirit, Phill became the Head of Marketing at the Greater Nashville Habitat for Humanity.

Phill Robinson, born in Birmingham, AL, on March 28, 1961, passed away in his Nashville home July 29, 2008. He continued to give, even in death, by donating his body to the medical research facility at the University of Tennessee.

The TNRPCV Phill Robinson Continuing Community Service Award honors outstanding volunteers who live in Tennessee and have kept alive President John F. Kennedy’s dream of service. Phill’s commitment to Peace Corps service and his ideals were an extension of his dedication and support of people and humanitarian organizations at home and abroad. With this award, the TNRPCVs recognize and honor Phill Robinson’s legacy by honoring an RPCV who is an inspiration to others, demonstrates a commitment to the international community by exemplifying tolerance, peace, acceptance and service through his/her life work.

Nominations for this award are accepted from Peace Corps staff, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and RPCV groups. Nominees must have served in the Peace Corps, live in TN, and show a demonstrated commitment to the international community. In addition to a narrative statement regarding the nominee’s accomplishments, please feel free to include any relevant supporting materials such as media clippings, certificates of appreciation, or nominee writings such as books, essays, op-eds, etc.