Manna Project International is looking for you

How will you change the world?

Manna Project International wants YOU to design and build our third international community development site. We’re looking for two or three young (1-5 years out of university), entrepreneurial community development leaders to found a holistic community development site in the international location of their choice. This is a life changing professional opportunity that combines adventure, leadership, travel, bootstrapping and international development. No joke.
Here’s our pitch. Submit a proposal to conduct a 2 month feasibility trip that describes how you will use those 2 months to lay the groundwork for a successful site and sketches out what that site will eventually look like. To get started, see our proposal guidelines. Up to two 2-3 person teams of successful applicants will be approved to conduct a 2 month feasibility trip to solidify relationships with local community partners and develop a more robust site plan.
To read more about this interesting opportunity, please visit Manna InternationalThe deadline for RFPs is Oct. 15.
~ Dave Keiser

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