December 2014 Volunteer Event: Room In The Inn

On December 6, six TNRPCV members volunteered at Room In The Inn. We had a lot of fun helping the local homeless community shop, wrap, and ship Christmas presents for their kids and grandchildren! This is annual event at Room In The Inn, and each year it continues to enable more people to share the holiday spirit with their loved ones. Be sure to put it on your calendar for next year, and they always appreciate donations for next year’s gifts.




TNRPCV Annual Holiday Party!

Come hang out with fellow RPCVs living in Nashville and the surrounding areas!

The annual TNRPCV Holiday party is at Roger’s house in East Nashville. We always have a great time meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Feel free to bring friends and family.

Please bring a dish to share (a dish from your host country is highly encouraged). Beverages will be provided (beer, wine, and soft drinks). You can also bring gently used items to be donated at Goodwill, to show our appreciation for using their space at the Goodwill Resource Center for monthly TNRPCV board meetings.

The Dirty Santa gift exchange is optional, but it is always a ton of fun!! If you choose to participate, bring something you’ve been wanting to re-gift, something from home, or anything fun and silly. There is no need to spend money on these gifts. Please keep the gifts clean in nature since this is a family-friendly gathering.

When: Sunday, December 7, 3:00pm

Where: Roger’s house, 1600B Long Avenue, 37206

Contact, if needed: Roger, 615.509.0733 (No need to RSVP)


Busy months for the TNRPCVs!


TNRPCV Savory Cuisine Quest | October 23 |  Thursday| 6:30 pm

Join us for dinner at Calypso Cafe at 3307 Charlotte Ave. Nashville. Visit for the menu. Hope you can make it! We pushed it back to 6:30pm to give more folks the chance to come out after work.

TNRPCVs Annual Holiday Party|December 7 | Sunday | 3:00 pm


Derek gets the most coveted gift in 2013. Hmm… I wonder what it is!?

Food at 4:00. Bring a Peace Corps dish to share.

White Elephant gift exchange. Bring something silly to exchange.

Need directions?  Please contact our President,  Jen Barrie jeninbelize ( at )




TNRPCV Board of Directors Meetings | first Tuesday of each month | 6:00 pm

Goodwill Center, 937 Herman St, Nashville, TN.  All are welcome!



Beer Tasting for Grassroots Development. What a great turnout!  We had over 50 guests and tasted eight beers form around the world. The tasting was led by Nashville’s renowned sommelier, Elise Loehr. September 18


Wine on the River, TNRPCVS had a great time volunteering at Wine on the River. This fundraiser was a great opportunity to support Hands on Hands on Nashville. September 13


Southern Festival of Books, October 11


TNRPCVs at Celebrate Nashville, Centennial Park, October 4


Atlanta Area RPCVs march in the Pride Parade with flags from PC Countries. One TNRPCV made a special guest appearance! October 12

Farewell to Board members Sarah Nagy and Nikita Jones!  


Nikita and Dave. Nikita will be working for the Peace Corps in Chicago!


We appreciate all you did for the TNRPCVS!



So long Sarah!

PCC Posters on Sale and Beer Tasting Event!

Did you miss out on the commemorative posters at Peace Corps Connect?  No problem, we still have a few left!

Limited edition (200), designed and printed by Hatch Show Print, Nashville, TN.

Get yours now by making a donation to the TNRPVs! Suggested donation, includes shipping and handling, $20.

Go here to get your poster!PCC_Nashville_Hatch_Lmted-compress


And Don’t miss the next TNRPCV social event.  Beer Tasting for Grassroots Development.  Thursday, September 18, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)

East Nashville, TN

Tickets are on sale now.  Get yours now!

imagesJoin us for a two hour tasting and guided tour as we taste 8 beers. We will discover what makes a great beer and how breweries and brew have changed urban and rural landscapes throughout the decades. Elise Loehr (bio) and a special guest will expand your mind and your pallet. Snacks and fun also guaranteed!

Space is limited. Reserve your mug today.


What a weekend in Nashville! Peace Corps Connect 2014

Peace Corps Connect, Nashville: by NPCA and TNRPCVs

Peace Corps Connect, Tennessean

Amanda Frick in the Tennessean.


After a year of planning, hundreds of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers made their way to Nashville for Peace Corps Connect, June 19-21, an event hosted by the National Peace Corps Association and the TN Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Women of  the Peace Corps Nashville

Nerissa Aquino, Nashville TN, and Dwan Adams, Atlanta GA, Women of the Peace Corps Session

Things kicked off with a Peace Corps Career Fair and Conference and for the public on Thursday.

Thursday’s event was hosted by the Peace Corps Office of the Third Goal in Washington DC and the Peace Corps Office, Atlanta.  TNRPCVs, Amanda Frick and Nikita Jones were interviewed in the Tennessean. Read the story here.

Friday boasted a full schedule, with exhibitors, parallel Graduate Research and Women of the Peace Corps Legacy conferences, member group meetings, panel discussions, a spoken word workshop and more.

The Carmonas CMA Theater Nashville

The Carmonas

RPCV Great Ideas Nashville

Fredaline Healy, Great Ideas (c) on the Moranga Tree

Saturday brought Great Ideas (c) presentations, awards presentations, signing of a historic Peace Corps -NPCA Memorandum of Understanding, the first public address by the new Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet and some great music by Emmylou Harris and The Carmonas.

Stay tuned! More photos to come!  

Peace Corps and NPCA MOU

PC Director signs MOU with NPCA


Galen_Hull_EmmylouHarrisGet a feel of the action from NPCA’s Twitter feed -  #PCCNash, and from the first photos on FacebookGalen_Hull_EmmylouHarris 

Emmylou Harris and Galen Hull at Peace Corps Connect Nashville

Emmylou Harris presents the TNRPCV Phill Robinson Continuing Service Award

Don’t miss it! Connect with hundreds of RPCVS in Nashville this summer!

Peace Corps Connect, June 19, 20, 21 2014Reserve your spot and register now!

Limited Edition conference poster (by Hatch Show Print). Get yours at Peace Corps Connect!

The TNRPCvs are excited to host Peace Corps Connect with NPCA this year! With its southern hospitality and down-home charm, Nashville is known as a small, big-city with something for everyone.

Thursday, June 19 – Scarritt-Bennett Center
Meet PC staff and build your job-search skills while networking with other RPCVs and RPCV-friendly employers! Visit the Peace Corps website to register.

Friday, June 20 – Vanderbilt University
A sampling of the Friday events includes small break-out sessions: the Group Leaders Forum, Advocacy Training Sessions, Women in the Peace Corps, Storytelling Workshops, as well as technology tutorials and space to meet up with member groups, old friends and more!!! We are planning a documentary night, too.


Hear Nashville’s Revolfusion at The Rutledge!


Emmylou Harris will be performing on Saturday at the CMA Theater

Saturday, June 21 – CMA Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame
Saturday features two of Nashville’s most famous downtown sites. In the Hall of Fame’s new, state-of-the art theater, we’ll enjoy live entertainment, awards, videos, and TEDx-style presentations by RPCVs from around the USA. Guest speakers include Peace Corps Director, Carrie Hessler-Radelet and Peace Corps Chief of Staff, Stacy Rhodes and a cameo visit from Emmylou Harris! The keynote this year is Mike Tidwell, an RPCV climate-change activist. Saturday will wrap-up with an NPCA reception followed by the TNRPCV Shindig where you’ll hear live music in The Rutledge, one of Nashville’s oldest and most beloved bars.  Save and get your ticket in advance!


Fly, drive, rent a bus and take a road trip… just come, y’all!

Be sure to reserve a dorm room on Vanderbilt’s Campus. It’s so cheap! To register for PCC, reserve space, and get your dorm room, go here.

BBQ, Beer and Honky-tonks?!  Check out the TNRPCV PCC Travel Guide!

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #PCCNASH.  Find out more and register today!

Closed: Nominations for Phill Robinson Continuing Community Service Award

Thank you for your submissions for the 2014 Phill Robinson Continuing Community Service Award that will be given at the Peace Corps Connect Conference being held in Nashville on June 20-21, 2014.

Online Form button

The TNRPCVs were established in 2008 by a group of RPCVs in Nashville, TN.  One of the core founders of the group was Mr. Phill Robinson.   In 2000, Phill fulfilled his youthful dream of joining the Peace Corps and served in Kenya.  During his two years there, he played an instrumental role in educational programs and in the construction of a small church where previously there had been only a tiny tree and two small benches.  Everyone who knew Phill knew how his service in Kenya had inspired him… Peace Corps became core to Phill’s beliefs, character and spirit, and he continued to be a person who dedicated his career to helping others.  An ideal job for his loving spirit, Phill became the Head of Marketing at the Greater Nashville Habitat for Humanity.

Phill Robinson, born in Birmingham, AL, on March 28, 1961, passed away in his Nashville home July 29, 2008. He continued to give, even in death, by donating his body to the medical research facility at the University of Tennessee.

The TNRPCV Phill Robinson Continuing Community Service Award honors outstanding volunteers who live in Tennessee and have kept alive President John F. Kennedy’s dream of service. Phill’s commitment to Peace Corps service and his ideals were an extension of his dedication and support of people and humanitarian organizations at home and abroad. With this award, the TNRPCVs recognize and honor Phill Robinson’s legacy by honoring an RPCV who is an inspiration to others, demonstrates a commitment to the international community by exemplifying tolerance, peace, acceptance and service through his/her life work.

Nominations for this award are accepted from Peace Corps staff, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and RPCV groups. Nominees must have served in the Peace Corps, live in TN, and show a demonstrated commitment to the international community. In addition to a narrative statement regarding the nominee’s accomplishments, please feel free to include any relevant supporting materials such as media clippings, certificates of appreciation, or nominee writings such as books, essays, op-eds, etc.

Peace Corps Treasure Boxes

by Peace Corps Connect/NPCA

By Jonathan Pearson on Monday, June 25th, 2012

(l to r) Speakers at the Nashville Expo included Tennessee RPCV President Dave Keiser (Morocco 98-00), NPCA Vice President Anne Baker (Fiji 84-87), Peace Corps Deputy Director Carrie Hessler -Radelet (Samoa 81-83) and keynote speaker Becca Stevens

Speaking at Saturday’s Third Goal Expo in Nashville, Tennessee took on extra meaning for Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest, regionally and nationally recognized community builder and founder of Thistle Farms, a social enterprise that stands with women recovering from violence, prostitution, addiction and life on the streets.

Becca has built a strong relationship with members of the Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs).  But the foundation of her 25 year Peace Corps relationship came through her husband’s uncle, Norm Hummon, who played an early role in Peace Corps’ program development in Africa.

Sadly, Norm Hummon passed away last week at the age of 94.  Her keynote at the Expo gave Becca the chance to honor and reflect upon Norm’s contributions.  According to Becca, “he never doubted the depth and meaning of his life.”

One of the ways Norm passed on that meaning to his family was through his “treasure box”.  Becca recalled occasions when she and her children would visit, and Uncle Norm would pull out his box filled with small stones, foreign currency or other artifacts from his Peace Corps days.  Behind every item in his treasure box, Becca said there was an amazing story.

For the more than 100 attendees at the Expo, a similar experience could be found in the multipurpose room at the Nashville Public Library, which was converted into a display area featuring the treasures of 15 RPCVs from across the globe.  From Thailand to Togo.  From Costa Rica to Kiribati.  The world was brought to Nashville with an array of clothing, handicrafts, photographs and maps, prompting delightful conversations of countries, culture and cross-continental camaraderie.

Treasuring the Peace Corps experience is not only the domain of RPCVs and former staff.  That was evident during a panel discussion entitled “Peace Corps Through the Eyes of Family and Friends.”  A half-dozen fellow Tennesseeans who visited RPCVs while in service were featured.  They shared advice for families planning visits to see current or future volunteers, and there was no shortage of amusing stories about their travel adventures!

But beyond those tales, there was also something deeper.  ”I so admired and was so amazed by the spirit of Peace Corps Volunteers,” said Megan Florentine, friend of Cameroon volunteer Debbi Schuld.

Missy Voigt, whose daughter Lindsay is just now completing her service in China, was “awed by how receptive and responsive (Lindsay’s) community was to what she was doing.”

And for Gregg Sullivan, whose son Andy is serving in the Dominican Republic, his visit “made me even prouder of my son, and prouder of my country.  (Peace Corps) is a wonderful example of the higher good…it’s heartwarming.”

For all who served, continued to serve and will soon join the ranks of the Peace Corps, Becca Stevens reminded the audience of their importance by reflecting on her own commitment to reaching out to those in need, wherever they may live. ” My work is just a drop in the bucket.  But the world is starving for those drops.  The world is in need of us to keep hoping and loving.”

Follow this link to view more photos from the Nashville Expo (courtesy of Angie Harris and Emily Woodling of the Tennessee RPCVs)

Nashville was the first of four Third Goal Expos being organized this year by the National Peace Corps Association, the Peace Corps and local RPCV groups.  A similar Expo will be held Sunday in Minneapolis (part of NPCA’s 2012 Annual Gathering).  Later in the year, Third Goal Expos are planned in Providence and Los Angeles.

Pre-Expo Party tonight

Don’t forget, we’re having a Party for the Peace Corps tonight at the Rutledge from 7 to Midnight. We have three amazing bands tonight. The first act, RPCV Aaron Stayman, will go on around 8:00, followed by Revolfusion at 9:00 and then the Carmonas at 10:30. Entrance is free with a suggested donation of $10.


Third Goal Expo: Building Global Communities

Registration is now open for the Third Goal Expo: Building Global Communities in Nashville at the downtown Library on June 23rd. The event will open to the public at 1:00PM so please register online (FREE) and come downtown and see a different perspective on life from around the world.


12:00 – 1:15 pm: RPCV Brainstorming: Elevate the Third Goal

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) are invited to participate in this discussion forum led by Peace Corps agency staff to brainstorm ideas and best practices to further promote and elevate the Third Goal. Here’s your chance to share your thoughts on what you do and what you need to “bring the world back home.” You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch. This activity will be held in the Library Classroom.

Facilitator: Coming soon!

1:00 pm: Registration begins

After registration, guests are invited to visit the Around the World exhibits (multimedia room) or view the continuously streaming videos (classroom) from Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps Association. This activity will be held in the Library Auditorium.

2:00 – 2:45 pm: Speakers Program


• Keynote: Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms
• Peace Corps: Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Deputy Director
• National Peace Corps Association: Kevin Quigley, President
• Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers: David Keiser, President

3:00 – 3:45 pm: Break-out session: Engaging RPCVs in the Classroom

The Third Goal of the Peace Corps is to educate people in the United States about the countries and cultures in which volunteers have served. In this session, you’ll hear about free resources that support educators, returned Peace Corps volunteers and others to bring the world back home to classrooms and communities. Learn how you can tap into Speakers Match and Coverdell World Wise Schools materials, connect with serving and returned volunteers and more! This activity will be held in the Library Auditorium.

Facilitator: Anne Baker, Vice President, National Peace Corps Association


  • Nicole Harper, Botswana 1994-1996
  • Angene Wilson, Liberia 1962-1964, University of Kentucky Professor Emerita of Education and co-author of Voices from the Peace Corps: Fifty Years of Kentucky Volunteers

4:00 – 4:45 pm: Break-out session: Peace Corps through the Eyes of Family and Friends

Do you have a family member or friend who is serving in the Peace Corps? Or who is contemplating service in the future? Come to this session to hear another perspective on Peace Corps: from friends or family of serving Peace Corps volunteers. We will discuss practical issues such as staying in touch, providing support and other concerns, in addition to hearing different takes on the experience. This activity will be held in the Library Auditorium.

Facilitator: David Keiser, President, Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers


  • John Harris (parent of Papua New Guinea volunteer Angela Harris)
  • John Sontag (grandparent of Ukraine volunteer Chris Powers)
  • Mendrika Ramarlina (Vanderbilt student taught English by Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar)

Throughout the Event

1:00 – 5:00 pm: Around the World Exhibits

Stop by the Multimedia Room and visit each table in the Around the World exhibits to learn more about the Peace Corps experience and the countries served by volunteers.

Peace Corps Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services
Peace Corps Regional Recruitment Office
National Peace Corps Association
Tennessee Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Around the World Displays

  • Nicole Harper, Botswana 1994-1996
  • Debbie Schuld, Cameroon 2007-2009
  • Diana and Andy Ray, Costa Rica 2005-2007
  • Sheila Fischer, Jamaica 2004-2006
  • Casey Woodling, Madagascar 2007-2009
  • Jennifer Boyd, Morocco 2008-2010
  • Dave Keiser, Morocco 1998-2000
  • Angie Harris, Papua New Guinea 1991-1993
  • Sam and Diane Glasgow, Thailand 1966-1968/1973-1975
  • Lacey Cook, Togo 2002-2004
  • Connie Mathews, Uzbekistan 1997-1999